Women Activist Online – Technology Incubator Program for Promoting Leaderships and Communication Skills online and offline among Israeli Women Activists

Women Activists Online is a Social Enterprise that was founded in 2011 by Dr. Shlomit Ahroni Lir, gender and communication researcher, IT specialist and social entrepreneur. The project aims to encourage leadership among women activists.

Women Activists Online includes workshops, exhibitions and conventions targeted to enhance female activists voices in online and offline environments.

Throughout the years hundreds of women participated in the workshops, and enhanced their abilities to act as agents of change.

At the core vision of Women Activists Online stands the belief that it is essential to work with women's groups and that there is an urgent need to use digital literacy as a way of encouraging women voices.

Women Activists Online strengthens the voice and the presence of Israeli women from all walks of life, online and offline, as part of an ideology of social equality. The participants receive a toolkit for activism and leadership.